Using Gmail with a custom domain

When you have your own domain it often comes with e-mail, but it’s generally just very basic and the clients are not very good. What’s a simple solution for this? Connect your Gmail account to your custom domain without needing to pay for google suit.

The set-up process is very quick and simple and also allows you to use one Gmail account to send emails from multiple e-mail addresses connect to your domain such as or

In order to set this up follow the steps below:

  1. Create e-mail forwarding under your domain host. I host all my domains with since they are in my opinion the best and their service is amazing.
    Under the Domain list, click “Manage” next to the domain you wish to use and scroll down to the area called “Redirect Email”

  2. First start off by adding a catch all. The catch all will forward all emails to the desired email account unless otherwise specified in step 3
  3. Add the individual forwarding aliases. Click “Add Forwarder” for a new blank line. Key in the desired alias and the email account you would like to send the emails to. You can create as many aliases as you want here.
  4. Open your Gmail and navigate to “settings” -> “Accounts and Import”. Here you will find a section called “Send Mail As”Click on the “Add another email address” which will open up a new window. Type in the name and also the email address you want to use.

    Enter account details:
    Username: the part of your Gmail account that comes before the (e.g. if your email is you would enter “test”)
    Password: Your gmail password or if you are using 2 factor authentication you will need to create an app specific password. See next step for details
    Secure Connection: I generally select SSL and the port will update automatically

  5. Creating an app specific password.
    If you are using 2 factor authentication please login to your Gmail account and open

    For the app type select “Mail” and for the device select “Other” and key in the custom name. This will then generate an app specific password that you can use in the previous step as the Password

  6. Final StepA verification email will be sent, open this email and click the verification link
    2. Test out the new email address by sending a test email to someone. When you send an email, you can select the “From” which will show all the various accounts you have set up

    3. Have a friend send you a test message to the newly created alias to check if everything works

Now you can use your Gmail with any custom domain.

Please leave a comment for any questions or issues and I’ll do my best to help you resolve them

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